Mila Weight Loss Challenge!

Join us for a special opportunity tomorrow at 10:30am CT to catch Dr. Bob Arnot as he hosts a webinar on his 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge. Dr. Arnot will be presenting online to a group in Austin, Texas called the ATX100. This is a group of individuals who are each committed to losing 100 pounds or more.

Though this webinar is specifically for the group in Texas, feel free to log on and listen in. He will share information on Mila, it’s health benefits and how it can help anyone to create a healthier lifestyle.

60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Webinar
with Dr. Bob Arnot
Saturday October 29th, 2011
10:30am CT (5:30 am HST, 8:30am PT, 11:30am ET)

To login to the webinar, click on the link below. Enter your name and leav the password field blank. No password is necessary.

Pass it on!

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